I often spend many hours solving a complex problem and have a terrible habit of forgetting to document how exactly I solved it. After a few months passed, I stumbled into the same situation again. Because I didn’t document it, I need to dedicate hours to solve it with the minimal amount of context I have from the previous attempt.

Additionally, being able to log and view how my journey in this industry has progressed is something I have always wanted to do. You never truly know how far you’ve come until you look back, and this blog will provide me with just that.

Personal blogs have been an incredible resource to me when I am learning a new technology or trying to see how someone else solved a problem. There’s a good chance someone has encountered the same scenario as you and has outlined their experiences somewhere on the web. I genuinely enjoy helping others, and being able to provide community members with resources to use within their projects or studies is another driver for my creation of this blog.

I don’t intend to limit my content to a particular niche or form. You can expect some step-by-step tutorials, experiences, thoughts, and ideas. I will do my best to categorize/tag everything accordingly to make the content easy to navigate.